Friday, April 25, 2014

A long post on life, dogs and lifting clouds

Last time I blogged I was getting very excited about starting my craft business. Sadly, very little progress has been made in that direction.

Over the past few months I've become more and more fed up at work, lots going on that I won't go into here, and I have to say, there have been times when the stress has really got to me and I've felt as if I was going mad - not sleeping, 'comfort' eating, not settling to anything productive. Ridiculous really as it's just a little part-time job that I enjoy and that really isn't meant to be stressful at all.

We're just about hanging on at work and have had another extension to our contracts but with many of the funding partners withdrawing it's really just a matter of time, and therein lies the problem. I can't afford to just hand in my notice. I've been there 6 years and now qualify for redundancy, which although a small amount of money, is enough to stop me just walking away but I'm ready to go.

Ironically, the past few terms have been some of my busiest and the demand is very definitely there, and that mixed with lots of other things going on have given me excuse after excuse not to just go for it and get cracking on with my business ideas. All things combined left me feeling as if, for the first time in my life, I was slipping into a real depression.

We've just had a wonderful two weeks away over Easter (more in a bit) and that has given me time to take stock and put things into perspective and the clouds are starting to lift.

So, on a much more positive note, let me update you a bit on one rather major and life-changing thing that happened to our little family back at the end of January.

The thing:

That there cute and timid little bundle is Willow, or Willow Wobbler as she's mostly known. This little girl found us at the end of January, aged 11 weeks, via a puppy rescue centre and all of a sudden our world, and especially Merlin's world turned upside down! We think she's a collie/spaniel cross or as my Dad used to say she's a doormat crossed with a kipper :)

She didn't stay timid for long...about two days and then the real Willow came out. She's naughty and bossy and sometimes shouty and bitey and a dreadful thief! She's also the cuddliest, sweetest, most lovable little pup so, on the whole, her crimes and misdemeanors are forgiven immediately.

She's been my little therapy dog as this is one puppy whose whole day gets off to a good start once she's been out for a good walk. Her big brother is much more laid back and was happy to fit in with my day but Willow NEEDS a walk in the morning or everyone will be made to suffer! It's done me and Merlin good to have Willow here as it's got us all out of the house, in the fresh air, getting some exercise when I might otherwise have stayed indoors thinking too much!

Having said that, it's chucking it down right now and Willow is curled up in her favourite armchair so we've agreed an early afternoon walk might be preferable today.

All of a sudden that 11 week old puppy, who I meant to blog about back in January, is now 6 months old and she's just been on her first holiday. 

On New Year's day Mr Moog sat down with his notebook (he's needed to take constant notes about everything since this happened) and asked me if there was anything I particularly wanted to do or places I wanted to go this year. I told him this: I want to go up North, to take the children to Northumberland and Yorkshire, I want to go to a fibre/knitting event, I want to go to a quilt show...I want a craft room built at the bottom of the garden, I want a £6000 sewing machine, I want to win the lottery.

Well, back in February along with my friend Dawn from Spinning Guild, and our girls, we headed off up to Farnham for a lovely woolly day at Unravel, coming home laden with stacks of gorgeous new fibre to spin, so that's the fibre/knitting event bit taken care of. 

We've just arranged to go and have a weekend with the in-laws in the middle of May, which happens to provide a very useful halfway house to the Malvern Quilt Show, so that will be taken care of too.

Then there's the Northumberland/ Yorkshire thing and my lovely Mr Moog agreed that a holiday up North was a good plan, so that's what we did this Easter and it was truly one of the loveliest holidays we've had. Northumberland completely captivated all of us, with it's stunning endless white sandy beaches, huge sand dunes, castles galore, and breathtaking scenery but especially the people - the people were so friendly and welcoming and made it a real pleasure to be a visitor to their beautiful part of the world.

Talking of people, while we were up there we got to spend a couple of days with Mr Moog's cousin and his family, as they were en  route to Scotland with their two border collies. 

Even better than that though was getting to meet up with my lovely friend Lucy Locket!! When I realised we were going to be up North for Easter I very excitedly 'spoke' to Lucy and we very excitedly arranged to meet up. Lucy and Mr Locket and the two smallest Lockets (who are no longer small at all!) were having a mini-break in a wooden Wigwam not far from where we were staying and Plan A was to meet up for a beach walk at Alnmouth, followed by tea and cake.

Unfortunately, that was the one and only rainy day of the week, so Plan B was put into action and the Lockets met us at Sainsbury's in Alnwick and came back and spent the day in our cottage with us. Lucy and I got to do what we'd wanted to do for ages - we sat and knitted and chatted! We kind of left everyone else to their own devices and they sat and chatted and played cards and the boys played computer games.

Have a look at this gorgeous bundle of goodies that Lucy presented me with, aren't they lovely?! The little selvedge pincushion is exquisite and I adore the quilted pouch and the drawstring bag - they are all now being put to good use and make me smile every day. Thank you Locket :)

As well as getting to spend time with some of our favourite people (and dogs) we also had a fabulous time exploring. We didn't really venture far as there was so much to see and do near to our cottage but the beaches won us all over completely! Ready for some holiday snaps?

Sigh...I want to live there...

So, that was week one of our holiday up North. For week two we ventured down and across a bit for a week in Wensleydale in the beautiful Yorkshire Dales and I have some photos to prove it!

As I mentioned before, there was much castle action over our fortnight away, we visited several that were dog friendly and looked wistfully on from outside at those that weren't.
Wensleydale was very beautiful but with the dogs it proved to be a little frustrating, especially after a week of running for miles along those white white Northumberland beaches, as it's obviously a much more agricultural area, with tiny lambs in every field and so it was very much 'on lead' for much of the week. Still, we found a couple of pretty riverside walks where they could run free and let off steam.

Our last day in the Dales was our best. Just before we went away my brother told me he'd just bought a caravan that was going to be permanently pitched in the Dales, about 4 miles from our cottage,and that they were going up for the Easter weekend.

Therefore, on Good Friday, we drove through the Dales and met up at The Coverbridge Inn, where we had a swift pint of Old Peculiar and set off on a gorgeous walk along the river. The very best bit was that I hadn't realised my three beautiful nieces (plus two boyfriends) would be with them and that made it even more special. We walked and chatted and sat by the river and then walked and chatted all the way back to the pub, where we got to sit outside in the early evening sunshine enjoying the best pub meal we'd had all holiday. Perfect.

Still here? Have you made it this far? Well done! Only a little bit left!

Our cottages for each week were both lovely and very different. The first was beautifully decorated, spacious and very comfortable and in a nice village very close to all the amenities we could need. The one in the Dales was much older, also very comfortable and very quirky and in a tiny village with no amenities but I feel in love with it as soon as we walked through the door and saw all of these:
Needless to say, I felt right at home! That quilt at top left has me stumped - I've been trying to find out what block pattern it is and failed. Any ideas?

Before I go, let me share my souvenirs with you - after all, what's a holiday without a few souvenirs to remember it by?

The fog has clearly started to lift from my brain as I've been sewing. Typically for me, not with any of those gorgeous new fabrics up there but with some bundles of scraps. Just playing. I'll be back with photos once the rain has stopped.

Oh, and as for that list of what I want to do this year, I'm still working on the other three!

love Moogs xxx


Jodie said...

Next year, when he asks.... Say you want to go to Australia !!!!
Its nice to see you here again and I am sorry that the work stuff has been so crap.
Oh ask him if lockett can come along as well....

Focus Group said...
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Plum Cox said...

That's a good list - glad that you are making such good progress on it!
Lovely sounding holiday.
Glad that you are back to doing a bit of sewing too (and sorry that work is so rubbish).

Petra said...

Great to see and hear that you had a lovely holiday.We have had some wonderful family holidays in Northumberland. Wensleydale isn't that far from us..we love walking there!Lambs are very cute,but our border collie is less I impressed having to walk on the lead. Wonderful goodies. Take care😀

Locket Pocket said...

Yahoodles!!!! You've blogged! You know how much I love reading your posts :)
It was so fabulous to see you all and have such a lovely, knitty, chatty, tea drinking day and I was very excited to learn how to knit hexagons! And I really enjoyed our walks too - Merlin and Willow are gorgeous and added fuel to the little Lockets' campaign to get a dog but unfortunately for them the older Lockets are being grown up and sensible for once and still say no. You'll just have to move up here so we can go for more walks with you!

When ARE you coming back?!!


Gina said...

Great to see you back on the blog. Sorry life has been a bit crap but good to know the fog has started to lift!

Leanne said...

I'm with Jodie ........ next year ask for an Australian holiday what fun that would be.
What a great round up and I LOVE that new baby, I thought of you the other day we went and watch some sheep dog trials.
Hope work improves and you get your dream business up and running.

Rachel said...

Sorry you've been feeling down but glad things are looking up now. Willow looks gorgeous! We got our own fur baby last year too! And your holiday looks fab, Northumberland is on my list of places to go as well. Good to see you back here. Rx

Ali said...

Northumberland is fab! And lucky you, getting to see LL.

Kaz said...

What a lovely blog post, I'm not sure which I'm the most envious of! I'm so glad that the holiday helped to clear your head a bit. Stress can do nasty things to you and it obviously came at the perfect time for you.

Thimbleanna said...

Oh Yay! As I was reading along, I was hoping that you were able to meet up with Ms. Locket and ... it happened!!! It sounds like you had the perfect holiday filled with all the wonderful things that we love. Your new little family addition is adorable -- I can't imagine how fun it must be to walk along the beaches and let the dogs run free. Love your goodies too -- especially that SHEEPIE mug -- I've been lusting after that mug for a long time. I have those same little sheepies on stitch markers and I love them!

French Knots said...

Northumberland is wonderful isn't it?! We had a brilliant holiday there last summer and I long to go back.
Being creative is the perfect antidote to the crappy things in life xx