Sunday, July 20, 2014

Scrappy do

 Last Sunday, Mr Moog took the Minx out for the day on his motorbike. They went to a ride-in day at Beaulieu Motor Museum with hundreds of other bikers. Although I don't want to be an old worrypants, I must admit I never relax or feel at all able to settle to anything until they're home safe and sound again.

To distract me from myself, I decided to ignore housework and spent the day playing with my box of scrap fabrics. There was no plan and I had no idea when I set out what I was going to make. By the end of the day, I had a floor full of skinny trimmings and 48 little 4.5inch scrappy squares and it totally took my mind off things.


 I'm still not sure what they'll become, as I need to make more if I even want to make a lap quilt, but they do make me very happy.
There's been plenty more sewing over the past couple of weeks. I managed to finish my  English Paper Pieced apple cores and got them stitched together - through gritted teeth, I might add, thanks to me being a bit too generous with the basting glue. They were somewhat tough to stitch together but have ended up becoming a very sweet little scrappy cushion cover.

Another cushion received a makeover when I dug out some of the scrappy squares I made back in April, and combined them with some scraps of grey linen, from the Scrapstore. I'm so pleased with this one, which now sits on my favourite armchair.
Earlier this week, on my way home from work, I called into a local patchwork shop that I recently discovered, Jolly Stitcher, tucked away on an industrial park in Fareham. It's a lovely shop with a great selection of fabrics and yarn too.
I needed some thread and hadn't realised how hard it is to find a decent sized spool of 100% cotton thread on the high street these days. Hobbycraft had nothing bigger than 100m, and the same went for my little local sewing shop but Jolly Stitcher had a great selection. However, it must have had special magic magnetic properties as it attracted all manner of other things into the basket with it.
One of those things was a new rotary cutter. My old one was very old and I'd been unable to find a new blade for it and had started to struggle with accurate cutting. Well, the new one - an Olfa rotary cutter - is a complete revelation to me! I had no idea just how good a sharp rotary cutter could be and what a difference it makes to your cutting.
I spent Wednesday evening, once again playing with my scrap fabrics, cutting little 2.5" squares and then carefully piecing them together with my new 1/4" sewing foot. I'm surprised and delighted at what a difference these two new toys have made to my piecing.

By the end of Wednesday evening I had nine pretty little nine patch squares. By the end of Thursday evening they'd been joined together with some skinny charcoal grey sashing, with little strawberry print highlight squares and thus became...another new cushion cover!


This one is my absolute favourite and I still can't believe I did such neat and tidy piecing!
In other exciting patchworky news, I got my copy of Issue 1 of Quilt Now magazine this week - edited, of course, by the very brilliant Katy Monkey . Not only is it a beautiful magazine, with bucket loads of inspiring projects but it's also so exciting to see someone who I've known in blogland for several years, taking on such an incredible venture. It's been great to share her excitement on Instagram, where I've been lurking rather a lot lately.  
So, now we're onto today. After a busy day yesterday, hosting a little family bbq, and a bad night's sleep last night thanks to the heat, I opted to stay home and potter today, while Mr Moog took children and dogs to the beach.
I waded through a mountain of ironing, whilst listening to sewing podcasts, and once done I rewarded myself with a very quick bit of sewing, attaching flags to some tape to make 10m of bunting for my friend's upcoming 50th birthday bash. Of course, being bunting, it's a pain to photograph but here's a snippet.
To those of you who left lovely comments, and emailed me, after my last post about Minx's 'friend' problems, thank you so much! I'm very pleased to say things did settle down, almost as quickly as they erupted. Her friend, completely uncharacteristically, apologised and suggested they put the whole thing behind them.
Although Minx wanted to tell her to shove her stinky 'friendship' I talked her down off that little ledge and she went into school happily enough on the Monday, with a view that she may as well say yes and have a more peaceful last couple of weeks of term!
Here's her latest loom band creation - no signs of this little craft obsession abating just yet :)
Only three more days of work and school and then the summer holidays begin - bring it on!!
Moogs xx
p.s. Recipes!
linky link for my favourite falafel recipe - falafels (I added a pinch of cayenne pepper too).
Easy peasy tasty houmous:
1 400g can chick peas
3 tbsp tahini paste
3 tbsp lemon juice
1 crushed garlic clove
chuck it all in the food processor and whizz until smooth - add more lemon juice if you want to. Yum!


Rachel said...

Wow, you have been busy stitching! Love those little scrappy blocks! X

Breathing Life said...

Wow you take positive fretting to a whole new all your progress pics and so glad school angst has settled down. Have a great summer!

Thimbleanna said...

Wow Woman -- you've been a busy girl at the sewing machine! You just whipped out all those squares with no effort at all LOL! I love the little 9-pach pillow -- aren't 9-patch blocks SO fun? You need to make one of CrazyMom's 9-patch quilts - they're great fun to make!

Gina said...

Love that last cushion... such neat piecing!

Plum Cox said...

I can't quite decide what I like best about your stitchery wonderfulness this week - but I think that the scrappy 4 1/2" blocks win, just!

Love the loom flowers too - will have to send my little crafter online to look up how to make them!

Carol Q said...

lovely patchwork. I do like the apple core shape. lol @ those loom flowers. they seem to have appeared everywhere all of a sudden - or is it that I'm just noticing them?

Leanne said...

You have been very productive. My creative mojo has flown out the window I am waiting for it to return. Love your cushion covers.

Twiggy said...

Ooooo well done, some lovely sewing there. We got our very first loom band kit yesterday, you should have heard my cursing while I attempted and finished a basic bracelet :)
Twiggy x

Bekah said...

Great scrappy patches!
And that loom band bracelet is awesome - what pattern/design is it?

Locket Pocket said...

Wow Moogs you've done loads! I can't believe you did all those scrappy blocks in a day! Can you please come up here and sew my commissions for me? You'd soon make short work of them - and I'd make you lots of cups of tea and keep you company while you sewed! ;) xxx

quiltygal said...

Wow I have just spent a very pleasant hour trawling through all the blog posts I have missed You have been a crafting machine !! Love your weaving get what you say about those oh so technical people can be very off putting :) Keep that craft studio talk going :)

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