Monday, October 26, 2009

As promised.... of sewing - and a bit of crochet.

The craft stall production line has been in full swing. I've tried to keep things simple in the hopes that the people attending the school's Ladies' Night in a few weeks time will feel tempted to buy.

Lots of flowery brooches.

Little fabric baskets and lavender hearts.

A slightly bigger fabric basket.

Those, and a whole heap of keyrings, fridge magnets and a few shopping bags were all made last week.

Today, with the little people fully occupied at Cubs, I had a full day to sew.

I managed three bags.

The planning took longer than the sewing. I still have another three to sew.

So, here's little posh bag #1.....

Little posh bag #2.

Big roomy posh bag #3.

Unfortunately, I seem to have taken a liking to this one and may have to keep it!

All were made from Scrapstore remnants that I unearthed from my stash. In fact, all of the things I've made have come from my stash. I've had to buy a few zips and some interfacing but overall spend has been kept to a minimum.

I'm feeling rather pleased with myself - can you tell?

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Little things

Like many families, our life is a busy one. We often get caught up in the mundanity of the everyday bits and pieces that seem so necessary and important, the things that just have to get done but provide very little food for the soul.

My Mum used to tell me never to forget to 'stop and smell the roses'.

I was at a conference on Friday about Education for Sustainable Development. During a workshop on Outdoor Education we were asked to think about one time when we were happiest as a child.

Out of fifteen people, not one could recall a specific experience/event/material possession but all recalled just being outside 'in nature' playing either alone or with friends, as their happiest childhood memory.

This time of year - for us northern hemisphere types - brings us abundant opportunity for making those memories.

Yesterday we drove up to the in-laws to welcome them back from a five week trip to Australia. This is a journey we have done on numerous occasions. Such journeys often merge into one. Nothing special. Just a case of getting from A to B - albeit through some very lovely countryside and pretty villages.

Yesterday's journey was a good one. One to remember. On the way there was the glorious autumn colour of the trees lining the M3 and A34. Then, there was the enormous hare sitting bolt upright in a big open field - followed by a deer lying down in the next field.

The journey back was equally special. A clear autumn night full of stars. We just had to stop the car and get out so that we could all see this most amazing natural spectacle.

Picture borrowed from here.

I'm so grateful that I had a Mum who encouraged me to appreciate these 'little things'. I just had to share it with you.

.....and to those numerous people who drove past us yesterday, with small people in their rear seats glued to their DVD players......STOP and let your children see the stars!

I'll be back tomorrow with crafty photos - promise :)


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

For want of a better's an 'Update'

There's a distinct lack of theme to this post, so indulge me if you will while I share some randomness from the past couple of weeks.

First off, I received a very lovely surprise package from my bloggy twin WMK.

Some gorgeous Peruvian yarn, deliciously named 'chocolate' - yum yum! Thank you WMK - this really made my day :)

I followed a link on Ravelry recently......fatal! Through absolutely no fault of my own, I accidentally found myself ordering this little bundle of Blue Faced Leicester sock-woolly loveliness from the aptly named Knitting Goddess.

I can justify it perfectly - as it was all on sale......mind you, I'd have bought it even if it weren't ;)

My 'dealer' even popped this gorgeous little knit kit in with my fix....

Talking of all things knitterly, there's been more of that going on too. Three hats - one each for me and the beasties, have been whipped up....but not photographed.....

....and these have been making me a very happy knitter indeed...

Mystery Knitalong socks for Socktoberfest on Ravelry. Using the most delicious wool/bamboo sock yarn and a brilliantly written pattern that's published in stages, each Thursday throughout October. You can find the pattern so far here.

Why the scribbly photo?

They need to stay a mystery until they're done!

Adding to the random theme ( I knew there was a theme in here somewhere!) - there has been sewing!

I know!

I've actually hoisted my (happily decreasing in size) bottom up out of my knitting throne and shuffled over to the sewing machine!

Having agreed to have a stall at an upcoming 'do' at the childrens' school, I have been forced to rediscover my sewing mojo. My intention is to keep it simple and small - nothing too complicated or stressy. Fun sewing.

Like monsters made from repurposed clothes.

Little zippy purses made from pretty remnants

- and a whole lot more to be getting on with.

In desperate need of something interesting with which to round up this gallery of randomness, I felt I should make myself useful by passing on a little advice.

If it's a while since you last used your sewing machine; if it's a while since you last cleaned your sewing machine; if your sewing machine makes a loud and worrying thump every time the needle descends...... may want to get your little brush out.....

......just in case there's a little bit of dust in there.....

.....changing the needle is good too :)

Happy sewing!


p.s. after a very stressful Sunday afternoon with a purchase from PC World, the House of Moog is now wireless in the broadband department.

The reason I'm telling you this is that there's now an increased likelihood that I'll get round to catching up on all your bloggy doings - whilst sitting in a much comfier chair.