Sunday, March 27, 2011

Merlin Moog

In four (very long) week's time this gorgeous little man will be coming to live Chez Moog. His name is Merlin - and believe me he cast a spell on us all today :o) We've all been looking forward to today with great excitement, counting the sleeps until 'Meet the Puppies Day'.

We didn't know which of the nine beautiful pups in the litter would be ours.

It just so happens, I'd fallen for this young man several weeks back when we first saw photos of them, newly hatched.

As luck would have it, he hadn't already been promised to anyone and when we met the pups it was Merlin who made a bee-line for us.....well, okay he made a bee-line for me and I was hooked.

Louise, the breeder ( and a shepherd - how cool is that?!!), was lovely and let us spend a good long time with the pups, while they got to know us, had their tea and then ......

.....flopped exhausted in the sunshine.

We also met their mum and dad, Fly and Breac, both working sheepdogs on an organic farm in the beautiful Cotswolds.

These pups were born just 24 hours before we said goodbye to our Moog and it feels like it was meant to be. We're already counting the sleeps until we can bring him home - only another 28 or so!!


Saturday, March 19, 2011

Thank you

Yes, thank you - thank you all so much for your heartwarming comments to my previous post. We all read every comment and they were so much appreciated.

It's been a very strange few weeks, getting used to the house without Moog.

So many little parts of my day used to involve her and it seems to be the little things that we miss the most. Hearing the tip-tap of her claws as she trots up the hallway; coming in from the school run and going straight to the back door to let her out; having a reason to go for a walk; hearing her very special 'pigdog' snore as she sleeps off a busy day; seeing her curled up on her cushion under the stairs.

We decided almost straight away that we can't be without a dog. Meg was such an important part of the family and so much of our family time over the years has been spent taking her on lovely long walks to all our favourite places.

My knitting has been a welcome distraction - no surprises there then!

We are making some very exciting plans and I'm hoping that before too long I can let you in on them. Not just yet though, I don't want to jinx things!

Let's just say....once a Moog's Mum, always a Moog's Mum :o)