Saturday, June 25, 2011

...and about time too!

Goodness me, the gaps between my blog posts seem to be getting bigger and bigger! I haven't ventured into blogland for weeks and have no idea what any of my lovely virtual friends are up to. I have frittered away many hours lurking around on Ravelry, however, so maybe it's time to get back in touch with what you're all up to.

I've had quite a few bad days just recently, feeling very low and not wanting to face the world and yesterday it finally dawned on me what all this was about. It's a little thing called grief. I allowed myself to take stock and think back over the past few months and I realised it's perfectly okay and normal to feel this way.

I think we all feel we should just be able to dust ourselves off and get on with things all the time - I know I do and I know I really irritate myself when I give into the glums. Yesterday I let myself work through it and I'm feeling like a cloud or two is starting to drift away.

There's still lots of lifecrap to deal with - work is once more hugely uncertain thanks to two more council reviews which seem more likely to result in our jobs going than the last one, and I have another funeral to attend. My cousin's husband - a really wonderful man - passed away last week after a short but brave battle with prostate cancer. I reckon that'll be enough funerals for one year, they're not something I'd like to make a habit of.

Knitting has been sustaining me through all this. No photos today but I've got several pairs of socks on the go - I don't know what I'd have done without my sock knitting!

Also for the first time in I don't know how long, I've actually done some sewing. Minx has had a couple of birthday parties to go to lately and I was a bit low on funds, so I decided to get making - bags of course :o)

Bright and cheerful and cool enough for trendy ten year olds - at least that was Minx's verdict!

Merlin Moog is doing great. Growing by the minute and being a model student with his training classes - just as you would expect from a super-intelligent Border Collie :o)

He now completely fills his 'cave'...

....and has started to really make himself at home!

We were having big problems on our walks, as little man was terrified of cars but slowly and surely we're making progress and each day he becomes a little more confident and a little more relaxed. He's turning out to be a fantastic little dog and is doing a grand job of trying to fill Moog's very special shoes :o)

I'm now looking forward to a relaxing evening, catching up on some very overdue blog reading.

Love Moogs xxxx