Sunday, November 27, 2011

Worth it

Oh goodness me - I really had no intention of taking such a prolonged break from blogging. I've missed reading your blogs. It seems strange not to know what you're all up to.

I couldn't quite work out what was keeping me away until I realised I'd convinced myself I couldn't just blog for blogging's sake. I felt I needed something worth writing about rather than just my usual show and tell of all my latest knitting projects.

I've spent simply HOURS on Ravelry just lately and I suppose because I'm always updating my projects pages over there it felt like more of the same if I did yet another knitting post on my blog. There has been a LOT of knitting. My knitting mojo returned with avengeance after it's summer hiatus.

Since I last blogged I've knit:
1 cardigan - for me
1 hat
5 pairs socks
4 pairs mittens
3 crocheted shawls - from the super easy super gorgeous Flying Diamonds shawl pattern

and on the needles right now are two more pairs of socks and a cardi for Minx.

So knitting is very much back.

Knitting is also the reason I finally felt I had something exciting to blog about. Just a few minutes ago I became a knitwear designer. Oh yes indeedy. I'm now officially a published designer dahling.

If you would like to help yourself to my free Misty Morning Mitts pattern, you can do so right now over on Ravelry.

Happy knitting!

Moogs xxx