Thursday, November 27, 2014

Open Studio!!

As usual time seems to fly by and I suddenly find it's ages between blog posts. However, right now that is a very good thing indeed as it means I've been far too busy with my new business!

My little brooches flew off the shelves in my Etsy shop and even led to some additional orders - thank you so much everyone who bought them, I really cannot tell you just how much I appreciate it :)

I've been sewing like mad, getting ready for this coming Sunday when I'm taking the plunge and hosting a Christmas Open Studio here at my 'studio' (kitchen/dining room!). Amidst all that sewing I also made up another big order of floral wash-bags.

My dear little sewing machine has worked her socks off and performed miracles. I've told her she can have a bit of a break after this weekend but then forgot I have a quick quilt to make for Christmas!

So, here's a taster of my sewing for my Open Studio..

Loads of bags, purses, brooches and key-fobs.

An army of Dammit Dolls - made from my old Recycle for Hampshire work shirts - delicious irony ;), with some little Red Robin Christmas Scented Sachets, made with fabric I had printed up months ago by Spoonflower, from a little sketch of mine.

A trio of patchwork cushions made with gorgeous Janet Clare fabric.

A quartet of fabric covered notebooks.

Four tiny framed embroideries...from a grand total of 19 - and this doesn't include the three that sold within a few minutes of me posting them on Instagram :)

I think it's fair to say I'm enjoying getting my little business up and running! I don't think I've ever been happier and am so excited to see where it takes me.

Finally, to welcome my Open Studio visitors I decided I needed a new wreath for my front door. Made in the same way as my previous one, using carrier bags taped together (yes, really!), it cost me nothing but time - the cotton reels were a very happy freebie when I bought an old sewing machine years ago and they'd been waiting in the loft for just the right thing  -and the denim was from a very torn pair of Minx's jeans.

So, now I just have to scrub my home and tidy like mad, bake a mountain of mince pies and make a gallon of mulled wine and hide all the usual rubbish that clutters up the corners....and hope that someone comes!

Moogs xxx


Gina said...

I'd be there if I lived closer! Hope it goes well for you.

Twiggy said...

Crikey Mrs Moog you are a human dynamo. Send some of your energy over here. Smashing makes and good luck with your open studios day
Twiggy x

Breathing Life said...

So glad your new career is taking off! I would come if there wasn't that darn Atlantic Ocean between us. Good Luck! I love that wreath - what a great idea.

veronica said...

What fabulous goodies and the wreath is superb. I hope you have a wonderful "Open Studio". Vera.

Julie said...

I've had a lovely catch up with your blog and I'm so delighted that life is good for you now. I am very bad at even looking at my own blog these days so no wonder I have lost touch. I'll try and d better in future :-) Have a happy Open Studio. I love the cotton reel wreath :-)

Locket Pocket said...

Yay! Go Moogs!!!!! Hope you sell out! Xxx

Thimbleanna said...

YAY! Everything looks wonderful and I know it was a huge success!!!

Plum Cox said...

Everything looks amazing! Hope that it all went really well - looking forward to hearing you blog about how marvellous it was!

The business seems to be off to a flying start!

Marian Hall said...

I love your stitch themed wreath! Happy Christmas.

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